Another Miko Adventures is in development? wait what?

Ok hold on don’t get too excited, just listen to me:-

Miko’s Adventures was a start of something big, a simple story with a true challenge within a fantasy world you know nothing about, a cute looking game with cute characters and lots of ways to play with your mind, to make you lose it, and just make you feel bad if you decide, “ok fine I will quit playing this, I can’t do it, it’s too hard” but then after a couple of hours you start feeling bad and you decide to try again and again and again and you fail and fail and fail until you reach this victory, you actually make it happen, the level that felt impossible is now possible, you hated Miko but then you start loving him, he taught you not to quit no matter what happens :slight_smile:

From the feedback I got, lots of people loved Miko’s Adventures and this is priceless to me, and I’m thankful for a great community like you guys.

It took 5 months to make Miko’s Adventures and another 2 years before just preparing myself to game development, and now it’s on the top 3 in 10 tags I think, this means the world to me.

So the real questions here:-

1- will another Miko’s Adventures happen in the future ?
YES! With your incredible support, I promise IT WILL HAPPEN.

2- Ok but let’s just not get too excited, when will it be released?
It’s really hard to say when because I have college to take care of and I might get new work in a couple of months from now but all things aside, I’m NOT leaving game development no worries.

So when? All I can say is (when it’s ready), I don’t want to promise anything that I don’t know about and make you guys wait for nothing, but I can say it will take a while to create, about 5-8 months (at least) or maybe less, it’s really hard to tell at the moment, But I will do my best to make it happen before 2020.

3- Ok, will it be free like the first one?
Listen to me carefully on this one, I’m not making games for money, I never will but the thing is if I don’t have money, I can’t upgrade, I can’t make new stuff and I can’t make (Coriander Games) a better name without enough money.

So all I’d say is, I’m sorry it will be paid (but not too much at all), It will be very affordable for anyone and I promise I make everything you pay for the game you get a decent experience, something that you enjoy, love and remember.

4- I was wondering, How complete is the new Miko’s Adventures? Did you actually start working on it?
Higher than ZERO I’d say, I did start working on some minor stuff but there is a lot more to do (I mean really a lot).

5- How about the game, story, gameplay, Miko himself (will he return?), the graphics, how big is the world you play in?, Will it be in levels (like the first one) or openworld?
Everything will be revealed at the right time :slight_smile:

6- Is it going to be cute?
Um… Miko is cute.

7- How long will the game be?
Some people said that they finished the first (Miko’s Adventures) in about 3-7 hours (depends on your skill), so yeah let’s just see what the future will bring for us :slight_smile:

8- Will you update us about the development?
Yup but only when necessary, I mean I saw some devlogs (not here though) that update every single thing they do and I think this hurts the game in a way, you kill the excitement for a game doing this, but when you update every once in a while with a huge update, people will hop right in and enjoy what they read, so only when necessary.

9- A free demo?
Yeah, I think a demo will happen.

So here is a thing, the first (Miko’s Adventures), I was planning to do it like this:-

Trailer, then a demo, then you pay to play the full version.

But then I found out that this is just my first game and I’m just starting so I decided to make it free for all to enjoy and to get to know you guys and a have a fun time talking to you (and I did) also to celebrate the first game of (Coriander Games).

So yeah if the next one is paid then there has to be a demo for you to try :slight_smile:

10- I was wondering, are you (an individual – a team)?
An individual :slight_smile:

11- How can I follow you Coriander Games?


Youtube (I’m starting to make vlogs there and actually talk to you guys):


12- Have any question?
Ask and I’m right here to answer, I need to get to know you, you’re cool :slight_smile:

With that being said, I can say that I talked about the important stuff for the upcoming game.

See you guys in the next update in the future (let’s hope it’s the near future).

Thank you for your incredible support, thank you for being awesome, thank you for playing, thank you for commenting, thank you for making videos…

Stay awesome (Heart symbol)
Thank you,

congrats! I don’t habe time to play but it is a good notice.
I also programm as a hobby but we all need some money to keep up to date :smiley:
Good luck with your new adventure :sunglasses:

Yup you’re right for sure :smiley:
And I hope you enjoy playing if you get a chance to try Miko’s Adventures.
Thanks a lot for the support :slight_smile: