another month again,when out the new version!

when out the new version,fixed the language problem.
another feature request,can you design a build in database for rpg style game develop!

I’m updating the graphics library ( SFML ) to the latest version ( It won’t change anything from your user point of view, but it has to be done so as to fix an issue related to intel graphics card for example ).
When I’m done, I’ll release a new version, or at least a testing version to ensure there is no major bug. Surely during the next week.

I don’t get it, what do you mean by a database for rpg style game?

An RPG Maker system-like, with hero creator, stats, item database and monster roster.
Something that would take months to do. Days and nights. Basically.

do the same like rpg maker maybe so big work.
If I want to make a game like diablo2,I think that need database.
are there another method to do that?

Again, I don’t see why a database is needed. :confused:
Maybe that some kind of array or hashmap would indeed be great to manage the inventory instead of the simple variables which are available, but there is no need for a real database which is something really complex. Please do not ask for new features if you don’t fully understand them: I don’t want Game Develop to be bloated with features nobody uses and which are consuming a lot of time to be maintained.

:slight_smile: thanks,I will try to go with your suggestion.