[ANSWERED] How Do You Change Your Profile Picture (on gd.games)?

I have noticed that several people on gd.games have profile pictures when you check out their games. I want to know how this is possible, since when I go to the GDevelop website
(editor.gdevelop.io), and click on my profile, and edit my profile, there is no “change profile image” or whatever. Is this something that is limited to GDevelop premium, or the downloaded app?

Hi Shark_Chum, yeah unfortunately it all connects to Gravatars.

Changing your profile picture. GDevelop does not host or control profile pictures. Instead, it obtains your profile picture from Gravatar. If you have or create a Gravatar account, you can link a new profile picture to the email address you used to register your GDevelop account. This will automatically change your profile picture in GDevelop as well.


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Ah, ok. Thank you for the answer!

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