Any ideas for my game?

I’m making a game in gdevelop and i’m wondering what kind of stuff to put in it. I’m going for a 2d top down survival sandbox game, So, if you have an idea for it, lemme know and i might put it into the game! I’ll give you credit for ideas btw, no money, though, i dont really wanna be spending money on making this game, i know that would get me the ability to pay someone to polish the game a bit, but its fine how it is. anyway, any ideas?

Making a survival sandbox game sounds like a big task. Creation, recreation, combination objects/items and building of structures. The question is: if you want to have total player freedom, where the structure will be freely build or is there a story driven pre-defined plan (for example place X for the shelter or fireplace)?

I would recommend you to have a good story for motivation with a nice plot twist maybe with an eureka effect to create a rememberable title. The good thing is: You can be very creative with your story (is it medievel, is it fantasy, sci fi, a mix of all, some philosophical aspects (survival = circle of life)).

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Don’t try to make a 2d top-down survival sandbox game. Perhaps, when your game is done, try to trick people into thinking you did through updates. But don’t. Don’t even try. Try to develop an extremely bland 2d top-down game, where there is nothing to do whatsoever, and perhaps dd a ground texture for better graphics, after you have gotten down player movement. Put your tiled ground object on z-order 0, by the way. When you are done with all that, then you can just out of nowhere have the relevation, "Hey, wouldn’t this be awesome if if it were a shooter? But just add one to two enemies at max, at that point in time. Then, once it’s a shooter, add sandbox mechanics. Or else, do the sandbox mechanics befor the shooter mechanics, depending on which is more essential to your game. Never build an entire awesome game. You can plan. You can dream. You can say that one day, years perhaps, in the future, when I finish my 2d top-down stage, maybe I’ll move on to stage 2. If you build a game with several core mechanics from the start, you’ll never finish any of them.

Now, if you have multiple scenes with multiple games, so to speak, which go together to form a bigger game, AND you have just as many developers directly assisting you on the project, then let them configure the other scenes. Warning! Warning! To do this, art for all the scenes will have to be a single entire project in and of itself because all the art has to be done by a single dude and that single dude can’t be involved in the event configuration of every single scene at one time, because then that one dude is Atlas, holding up the whole game by himself, all over again. If you have multiple “games” in multiple scenes, and a different dev working on each of them, you need at least three dudes.