Any possibility for real-time collaboration

Is there any possibility to have real-time collaboration between the people who are working on a game?
So you could see in realtime what the other people are doing without the worry of overwriting someones work.
Currently my friend and I are using Mega Sync to work together. But the thing is that we can’t work on it at the same time.

Is there a plugin that provides such ability?

Unfortunately no. :frowning:

I have a basic idea how it would work, and I would make it with c++, but I have limited knowledge of c++

So my idea for it:

  • Make the plugin connect to the other computer(to the other plugin)
  • Send all the actions from one GDevelop application to the other, and vice versa.
  • Make the user specify the local folder where all the files from the game would be synced, so they wouldn’t have to be downloaded each time you want to work.
  • Automatically copy all the files used to the local folder of the game, and sync them.