Anyone having trouble with layers?

I was adding content to my Help section, which is comprised of several layers to make different pages, but now the newest ones overlap existing content on the preview - although there doesn’t appear to be a problem in the editor and I’ve tripled checked my events.

I’m not sure how we can help with so little information… unless you’re expecting a “oh yeah, layers are full of bugs, forget them” :grin:
I would say… make sure you only load the external layers once, check the order of your layers, check the z-order of the objects, and try hiding some layers to see if it helps the troubleshooting.
If the problem persists, try to make a dummy project to reproduce the issue, and if you can reproduce it, share that dummy with us.

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I wasn’t expecting much, just wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing issues.

I’ll check my events and everything again.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: