Anyone wanna test out a unique game made completely in Gdevelop 5 without scripts? (sorry, Android only)

So, I was working on this game and I came across a problem; how do I make an explicit tutorial that gets the player into the game without it being overly complicated?

The thing is, so far, my friends tell me it’s too complex for an Android game. Only one person was able to learn the mechanics and win a match (out of five testers).

I was hoping to expand my sample size and to get some feedback as to how I can improve the tutorial (or even if I should finish the game at all).

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Maybe a good start shloud be talk about your game and tutorial here.

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I will check if possible

I agree with @Bouh, without knowing what type of game you’re making the the mechanics you require people to learn it’s kinda of difficult to provide help/ideas.

For example, if you’re wanting to convey simple control scheme without videos, screenshots, text you could bake it into the level design much like Binding Of Issac.

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