Anyway to improve my example

I made an example allowing you to P2P as a wireless controller, using a phone as a controller and pc as the game itself.
How can i improve it?

The easier way is to publish your game on and in the game dashboard, you enable the game feedback for the game.
And you share the game with everyone.

I mean use this feature its made for :slight_smile:

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so i submit my example to for feedback?

Hi ItsIceCreeperPE, I think very few people, if any, are going to download your google drive file. If you make it easy for people by giving them a link to where they can play in the browser then you increase your chance of getting feedback.

So, publishing on Liluo and posting the link here is the simplest and most effective way to get what you want. But because your game testing involves two devices which means more effort you may get fewer responses than you hope for.

i mean with the code if its messy or ok but thx