Api Level 26 From Google Play

I Need some help I was uploading mi first app to the Play Store, but It states that from August 1st the apps should be Api Level 26 complaint, but the APK I was uploading is only Api Level 14

How can I solve this situation.

From Play Store:
Beginning in August 2018, the Google Play Console will require that new apps target API level 26 (Android 8.0) or higher. Existing apps will be required to target API level 26 or higher beginning in November 2018. For more information, see Improving app security and performance on Google Play for years to come.

Off Topic:
WTF are they thinking over at Google?! With Android 8.0 as a minimum requirement I won’t be able to use my Android Testphone any more that I use with GD. They should get the phone manufacturers to update their customized OS first before forcing such a thing. Taking end users and app developers hostage to force the manufactures to upgrade their Android is a very bad decision and it wont work either. I guess one has to buy a new phone even more frequently to have access to all the new apps on Play Store since I don’t believe the manufacturers will change their behaviour.

In case you are using an automated build service, there is nothing you can do, the service providers need to update the SDK on their end.
In case you are packaging the game manually, you need to download and install the SDK platform for API level 26.

Three things in my opinion.

1. Security: in Android 7 and earlier, apps can do pretty much anything with your account, Facebook just got his balls kicked for allowing that years ago on Facebook because personal informations has been stolen. So Google want to force everyone to Android 8 as it is more secure for the end users and I need to agree on that.
Also from now on, every single year the requirement will advance by 1. This year it is Android 8, next year it will be Android 9 for new apps but old apps will be not forced to update to version 9, it is about Android 8 and security really and a bit of marketing too of course.

2. Compatibility with Chrome OS
: Google do want to force developers to create Chrome OS compatible apps, but as long developers target Android 4 it will not happen. Google must force the developers to make this move, because Chrome OS is the future of Google and I also need to agree on this. Personally I love Chrome OS on the desktop and tablet. Regarding phones, I don’t really care.

3. Business: Now that Google has it own hardware, they are trying to force people to buy the new devices each year if they want to use to latest apps. It makes sense because I’m still using a phone running Android 4 simply because all the apps I need do run on this thing and I certainly don’t want to spend 800 USD or EURO on a new phone only to run the same apps, it would make no sense. But Google do want to sell me it new and Shiny phones running the latest Android so they decided to force people with the apps. If you want the latest apps, you do need to buy the latest devices from 2019 and this is the year when I’m going to install Ubuntu Touch XD.

Don’t know if they realize it but the guys at UBPorts has a huge opportunity to break in to the market, and all Linux phone and tablet OS for that matter. I know KDE has one, Deepin too and I know for sure there is an other one as well can’t remember the name. Tons of phones and tablets will be rendered useless in the next 12 months which is otherwise perfect for everyday tasks like web browsing, voip, music and video, for Linux on Phone and Tablet it is now or never.