API levels not meeting Google Play's target

Hi everyone,

For those who don’t know, Google Play recently sent out a notification that the target API level to submit apps will become 33 in August. This is concerning to me because I have tried exporting a few builds for my already existing app, and they are all listed as having an API level of 22+. Here’s a picture for reference:


I understand that some people have reported a similar issue to this already, but I saw that a few people said they just weren’t able to submit their app to Google Play because of it. I was able to submit my app to Google Play just fine, but I’m worried that once this new required API level takes effect, I will no longer be able to have my app on the Play Store because my API level is 22. If there is a way that I can change the API level to meet the new requirement, please let me know.

I’m also curious as to whether or not the plus after the 22 means anything significant. Does that mean that my API level is over 22 and I do not need to worry about this? Or doesn’t mean something else? Thank you in advance.

As you mentioned, the target API level will become 33 in August. What you show here is the minimum API level, i.e: the minimum Android version, that is able to run your game (so ideally, you want this to be as low as possible. In practice, we don’t support super super old Android version because it would not run games properly).

You can actually find the target API level, which is the same as the target SDK, just next to it:

We’ll release a new version with support for API level 33 before August, so you won’t have to do anything apart from updating GDevelop and using the latest version to export your game. We’ve done it in the past, and we’ll continue to do it.


I am having this message now, Is there any news?

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yes, i got this message too
What do you do to resolve this issue?

Hello !

I exported an app with the latest software.
It looks like the target SDK is 32.
Will there be an update for SDK 33?

Thanks !

have you solved this issue? I updated gdevelop to the latest version but I still having this error

I have this problem too. Will the API 33 be included in the next update?

Hi. Just wanted to follow up: Is anybody aware if GDevelop released the update supporting API level 33? Thanks.

My understanding is the GDevelop company devs are actively working on it. No ETA at this time.

If you are in danger of being delisted, and feel it is critical, you should reach out to Google Play as there is a standard process to request an extension on the actual error in your dev account panel.

I recieved an extension. Thank you.

Unfortunately it’s August 21 and the time is until August 31 and the update did not come, to meet api 33.

How much longer will it take because I’m starting to worry?

The cloud builds have been updated - games packaged now will be on API level 33 :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much (:

Target SDK is 33 now, but still have the Warning. Should it be ok?
Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 2.23.55 pm
Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 2.23.45 pm

Click Go to Policy status and see what policy issue they’re talking about. That just looks like the generic message that something needs to be fixed. Maybe it’s something else?

same thing

I was looking for the message on the Policy status page for that app that either says: No issues found
or that says ! You can’t release app updates.

Have you published it to production?
Have they finished reviewing?
Do you have any testing tracks such as internal testing with an older version as the current testing track, even if you have that track as inactive? If so click that track on your app dashboard sidebar, hit the Create new release button on the top right and don’t upload a new aab but in the box where you drag a new release, under that click Add from library and select your newest release and save.

If none of those apply maybe it means your app is ok but they just keep that up there the whole time until the deadline of the extension? I don’t know I didn’t have file extensions.

That build had just been released yesterday on Google Play Store. Also the Warning Deadline is extended until Nov 1st '23. So i have 2 months to update for API33+

Yeh at least you have 2 months to figure it out haha. But you’ve already updated the API so I’m not sure why that warning would still be there unless, since you have an extension, they’re just not going to check it again until that time.

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Let’s just hope so, for what i’ve known, as long as the target SDK is 33, should be fine. What concerns me is the warning is still on. By the way, is yours ok?