APK exported for android does not work

The game does not work when exporting as APK to android. So far it was working fine. After this last update (I guess the problem is from here because I did an export a few days before and it worked) the game doesn’t start (it gets stuck on the Cordoba logo). The confusing thing is that now other previous APKs that worked are not working either. The preview does work from a computer and also from a mobile phone if it is previewed via WIFI, but the APK or any previous one that worked correctly before does not work.
Is this possible? It is assumed that if the error is from the latest version of Gdevelop the previous versions of APK should work normally. I don’t understand.
What I have observed is that there are much older APK versions that do work, but the loading time is at least 3 times the time it should be. The last APKs that I have generated before this error did not show the loading bar (even if it was configured to show it). However, when a loading time was reached, it was redirected to the game.
In the very old APKs that I’ve been testing to see if they worked, you can see the loading bar fill up progressively slower and slower, but when the loading bar is complete, the game start. I presume that this is what makes it load so slow and in the latest APKs the loading time limit is reached.

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EDIT: I was trying to open the APK from an Android phone with greater capacity than the one I’ve tried before and it still doesn’t work, so it makes me believe that the phone isn’t the problem.
The information I have so far about this is that, on the one hand, it happens with new APKs and with previous ones that worked correctly. On the other hand, it happens on different cell phones with different versions of APKs. From what I understand, the APK has all the necessary information to function by itself without the need for an internet connection or to any Gdevelop server… which should not be affected by any recent changes in Gdevelop, the functionality of the APKs generated before this last update.
Is it possible that some new security patch is generating this conflict?

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce your issue.

As a test I exported the tappy plane example to apk and installed that, it worked normally.

You might try with one of the examples to see if that works for you.

Considering you are saying old versions you still have aren’t working as well, assuming you mean you had old copies of the apk’s already, and didn’t re-export them, I’m not sure what may be going on.

The previous APKs were the ones that I had already exported at other points in the game’s progress and that I already know should work because when I tried them they worked fine.

Yes, I have tried the isometric example and it works. I suppose there is a problem in how it is loading the resources. The versions from last year that I had exported have fewer resources than the most current ones and take around 4-5 minutes to load (which used to take 30-40 seconds). In these you see the bar that loads more and more slowly, unlike before that the bar loaded at a constant speed. The latest exported versions (from this year) do not leave the Cordoba logo, which used to happen to me, but now it never loads.
The only difference I can remember from when APKs worked until now is having installed a security patch.

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