APK installation error on Tablet

I was able to install my app on phone, no problem.
But when i try to install it on tablet i get the massage:
“ett problem uppstod när paketet analyserades”
a problem occurred when analyzing the package

Android version 4.2.2
allow unknown sources is enabled.
I never used a tablet before and am not familiar with them at all.
Any suggestion what could be the problem?

Tablets are just like phones.
There are plenty of potential reasons, did you change the name of the apk? Did you install from the sdcard? Are you able to install apks from example projects? Are you able to install any apk?

google “problem parsing the package apk fix” for common fixes.

Are you using a tablet with an ARM processor, or a x86 one?
I believe GDevelop apks are ARM only, but I’m not too sure on that.