App freeze when object name already taken

I’m on the AppImage for Linux distribution. When I created a new object with a name already taken a popup appeared to say it was already taken and the app completely freeze and I couldn’t even click anywhere on my screen.

Can you share a screenshot

When the popup is shown I can’t click anywhere, I have to manually stop the application in my terminal.

Can you confirm which GDevelop version you are using?

The GDevelop-5-5.0.0-beta101.AppImage version

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Isn’t there a newer version, try that (Don’t know if it fixes it). I will try it on my Linux system and see if I have the same problem.

Thanks, I have forwarded the bug to the devs.

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It’s the latest, it just to inform. I just have to be careful.

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I can confirm. I happened to me too. It happen even when you rename a scene which is already taken. It doesn’t really freeze, If you press enter the pop up closes. The only problem is the mouse click won’t close the pop up.

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Hi there!
Is this bug still a thing? 4ian had made a possible fix but there has been no feedback since. Maybe you have the answer!