App Stability Issue on the Play Store

I’m trying to upload my first game to the Play Store. I finally made it to submitting my app to production, and after being reviewed from Google, I got the following message:

App Stability - During testing we experienced stability issues with your app and were unable to successfully evaluate it for policy compliance. Please make sure your app behaves predictably at runtime and does not crash, hang, or display error messages.

Having a look at my Play Console in the Pre-Launch report, there were no Stability issues listed. There were only Cold Start Time and Slow Rendering performance issues, and two accessibility issues listed as “minor.”
My question is whether these performance issues can be the cause of getting this stability issue message from Google, or whether it is something else I’m not seeing. I’ve never had my app crash and am not sure what the stability issue I need to fix can be. Are there any common mistakes made in GDevelop that would result in this issue? Please help me! Thank you!

I doubt this is going to be much help, but maybe. I had similar issues with an app I recently published on GPC. Release 1 (1.0.0) got three cold start time warnings, one for slow rendering, and a touch target size “minor issue”. The only thing I did was make some completely unrelated adjustments to the game, then started a new production release as 1.0.1 and it was published in two days with no problems. I found the Google Play Console very difficult to use at first.

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Thank you! I felt so deflated at first, but you’re right. I’m just going to go in and tidy some stuff up and hope for the best. I realized that despite sending me this warning, they uploaded the game anyway, so it seems like either I slipped through the cracks or I was just given a provisional clearance. But still, going to try to do what I can.