Application error connection to the server was unsuccessful

I have made a game previously it happened on first startup…but now on every startup this message appears"application error connection to the server was unsuccessful" .for now , i am totally stuck. I have read some topics before but i didn’t find any solution…Any suggestion would be appreciated…

I have the same problem
I can’t find any solution to this

Actually, somebody told me to export game manually and then add a preference in manually exported conf.xml file…And much more which i could not figure out…I was totally stuck, but i noticed that my game size got too big…i just went to resource manage,cleared all the resources which are not used and which have invalid path…my game size reduced…then i exported, it ran smoothly…

I am unhappy as well that nobody replied me…

This is one’s solution…This may solve your problem

thank you, let me try it qwp

I managed to solve it with online export
you have to go in both
Program Files\GDevelop\resources\GDJS\Runtime\Cordova
Program Files\GDevelop\resources\GDJS\Runtime-sources\Cordova
here you will find Config.xml
paste < preference name=“loadUrlTimeoutValue” value=“700000” /> under < preference name=“AndroidWindowSplashScreenBackground” value=“#7f62ad” />
this modification will be applied to all the games you make

however, if you decompile the exported apk, you can get modify the Config.xml file of the app
it’s in the res folder and it’s called Wn.xml

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