Applying forces in an angle in Physics 2.0

Hello everyone. Today, I was playing with the Physics 2.0 behaviour. I wanted to apply force towards an angle so I searched for an action that does that. I couldn’t find anything. So I did this:

I applied force towards a position. The expression Object.XFromAngleAndDirection(number, number) will get the X Position at a specific angle and distance from the Object. The same goes for Object.YFromAngleAndDirection(number, number).

Hope this post helps someone who is searching for a way to apply force in an angle.


just to say, you dont need to fill the windows with applying X & Y force

Actually, we do need to fill that. That’s is the point where we apply the force. If that thing is incorrect, it can mess up the whole applying force thing. Applying force in the sides isn’t the same as applying on the centre, and that’s where we gotta use that parameter.

at the moment the player moves by applying a corner force of the joystick… I can’t do it or at least I don’t understand how to apply it.

ok guys I could not find the right action … thank you very much you are the best!