Arcade shooter style android game

Here is dropbox link to my game for android device that I started to make about week ago.
There is only 1 incomplete stage with bossbattle. There will be different enemies, weapons, background, layout etc.
But now I’d like to know what do you guys like controls (movement and shooting) of that game and maybe if you have some ideas to share what I should put in the game. I’d like to hear everything what’s in your mind when playing it!

Game is in apk file so download and install it in your android device. Thank you and sorry my bad english!

Hi Jubeliuksen3,
could you provide a html5 version of your game?
It would be easyer to test. Or do you use any “mobile only” features like multitouch?

wellll this meant to be mobile game so it’s pretty shitty to play with a mouse :smiley:
I don’t do this game anymore so I am too lazy to release it again html5 :smiley:

And btw, I can’t delete this topic…