Are there any risks in using an older version of Gdevelop without updating?

Hello, people!

Is it okay to use Gdevelop version 5.2.172 without updating even if it takes me 2 or 3 years to complete my game? Or could there be issues with exporting because it’s no longer up to date?


Exporting using the cloud service? Yes, absolutely possible. There could be breaking changes such as a domain pointer change, file requirements change, etc.

Is it likely? No absolutely not.

Will it break local exports? No.

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Thanks, Silver! It was exactly about manual exports that I doubted.

Knowing this, I can continue the development of my game carefree. Now I’m going to keep investigating to understand why my game only has problems in the latest versions since 5.2.175. I don’t want to miss out on the benefits of updates.

As long as you stay within that build, should be fine. Beyond that, updating to newer versions may break your game.

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Actually I read this post, forgot I hadn’t updated in a while, and literally just updated a build from an older (couple months) test build which had Steam integration, and now BBText is scuffed and broke the game, so I’m gonna lose a day just trying to figure out what the deal is lol.

Edit: seems that BBText was updated and now is a lot more strict with how the text is coded

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Hi @Rasterisko ,
I had a problem too when leaving version 5.2.172 for a newer one:
I was previously using some forbiden characters in variables names, such as space, #, @… Despite this bad habit, it was working for me. Latest versions made these forbidden characters totally unacceptable.
Just letting you know, just in case

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Thanks, JohnnyMangoes.

I think what you said makes sense. As the game engine recives gradual changes, maybe jumping from a very old version directly to a new version I will encounter small difficulties. For example, in an update, the timers changed the way they worked. In another, more recent one, there was a change in the tweens. I would need to be aware of all the changes.

I don’t know if I’ll try to change the version, but if I try I always have my backups just in case.

Thanks for the tip, Bluzima! I don’t think there are any characters like that in the variables, but I’ll check!

My problem is specifically with the preview, but I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to get away from the topic. I created a thread about it and although I saw some users having problems in the preview, I found only one person complaining about having the same problem:

My biggest concern was not being able to finish my game that I’ve been working on little by little for about 2 years. But Silver’s response reassured me.

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Try installing two versions at once, and yeah, always back up your files.