🍎 Are you an educator teaching with GDevelop in your class room? We'd like to have your input!

:apple: Survey time for GDevelop teachers
If you are a teacher or educator training students to create interactive supports with GDevelop in your class room (Game Design or STEM courses): We’d like to have your input on:

  • What are the game design concepts your students are struggling with?
  • What are the game design concepts that you are struggling with?
  • How are you learning GDevelop?
  • What kind of content (tutorial or documentation) would you like to have to help your students learn game design and game development notions?

To participate (and centralize the information so it is easier for us and @HelperWesley to access it);

Please fill up this form so we can identify what you think needs to be improved: https://forms.gle/GmhdQ9dcVNG8RpUc8

Thank you for helping us improve teaching with GDevelop!