Artist building game with Gdevelop

Hi Gdevelop community, I’ve been learning the program for several months now and am making solid progress on a playable platformer of surprisingly good quality. I hope to help promote this excellent software while making my first game. I’ve placed some links to gameplay videos for those who are interested.


The graphics remind me for my all time favourite platformer shooter game (Contra):

Please continue.

I have loved the contra series since childhood! Super C and Operation C (Original Gameboy) are my personal faves. Contra is certainly an influence on this game.

the graphics are so beautiful, i love pixel art :heart_eyes:

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Thanks very much, I’ve been working very hard to make a fluid experience with this software, and so far it has been extremely promising.

A couple more videos of my game I’m programming with gdevelop.

Video 1

Video 2

Awesome work! Can’t wait to play your game!

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Thanks! I’ll keep posting videos here to show what I’m doing with GDevelop.

Here are some more current videos of my game in progress.


Grapple enemy

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Mega cool, effect are sweet

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I’m in awe at this, you did so much great work! It makes me feel like my own crummy platform/shooter is junk in comparison :pensive:

Your tilesets are gorgeous… and the way he feels like he has weight to him. … :heart_eyes:

You’re too kind. I appreciate the kind words.


Some new progress with combat in my game.


Awesome work! Love the color palette and graphics!

I also love pixel art and I have to say that the animation is very fluid and is not easy to do at all.

Is it possible to find some social pages to follow the possible development of the game?

I apologize for the crossposting I realized now that it’s a dated discussion.