Artist-Designer-Developer looking for people to work together

I’m looking for people to maybe get together on discord to make games “casually” for now in gDevelop.
If anyone is interested, please leave some contact here.
Let’s try to create something together. As you know it is very difficult for one person to make a game by himself (good game). I know I started like100 games and never finished a single one XD
I don’t want this to be anything too serious to begin with, let’s just enjoy and make games.
And later we will see if we work good together.

Edit : join Discord if you want to talk about the details GStudio

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Hey @Boris, is there a genre you’re interested in doing? A particular platform you’d like to target? Is it just to get a game out, or are you looking to eventually monetize? What’s your background?

@MrMen I have a lot of ideas for games, I hope someone else has, we can talk about that and the type of games.
Platform…we can talk about that to.
Idea is :

  • To Find people willing and able to push the game from start to finish, who won’t give up after 7 days.
  • I tell you my game ideas, you tell me yours (make some kind of storyboard of gameboard to let’s understand each other)
  • If you code, for art just put “Placeholders” and i make art
    -You send me game files and i can code… and so on not to go into details.

I just dont want “strict deadlines” I want to make games for fun and love ! :slight_smile:

To see how it works, if it goes well we can make a mini studio and make some money. I have a lot of ideas !

I work for myself and live from my Art. My School education is Graphic design and Marketing. But in GDevelop I can do anything.

@god I am Serbian.
Мада какве то има везе, ти си Рус ?
People, I didn’t write here, so that you can questioning me as if I here for a job interview. I have wrote you everything that I am looking for so if anyone is interested please contact me. We will talk about everything else in private. XD