Asset file path for properly exporting game

Hello I’ve been building a game for a few months now with GDevelop. I’m starting to accumulate quite a bit of art for the game, which is stored in an organized file path on my computer. This may be a dumb question, but I must swallow my pride and ask. Where should my art and sound assets reside? Are they stored in the resources tab? Do I need to move my files into the projects folder and remap everything before I add anymore art into my game? I plan to export the game so I should figure this out before I have to remap tons of art and sound in my events. Thanks for any guidance.


You can export the ready-to-play version of your game to html/apk/exe like that, there won’t be any problem for the users, but if you plan to export your project (so that someone else can work on it, or so that you can work on it from another computer), you should move all the resources to the project folder and remap them, yes.
Looking great anyway :+1:


That’s very helpful thank you.

I’m not sure why, but moving my art files into the projects folder seems to have increased the performance of my game quite a bit. Could this be true or am I just hallucinating?