[Assets for games][Free-Paid]Game dev assets list

UPDATED: All resources in one place Resources [GDevelop wiki]


Thanks for compiling. However, I’d recommend reviewing (and updating) the resources page on the Wiki for a more centralized place. Resources [GDevelop wiki]

@Silver-Streak, Ah ok I have updated the wiki with some of the links that were not there, if you want we can delete this post.
But you have to tell me how it’s done because I don’t know how to delete the post

You cannot but moderators can close it for you

Of course remove it, I did not realize in the first instance that the wiki was this information, I put it in this post because several users asked me then I thought it was better to make a list, but if everything is centralized in the wiki better so.

We can do better close this post, and add a message for redirect to the wiki page about game assets :slight_smile: