Audio broken on Mobile?

I made a program where it will play sounds over and over again for testing purposes. I tried it on the computer and it worked however I tried it on my phone but nothing happened. No my phone was not muted. I just want to confirm if sounds do not work on mobile

which event do you use play music or play sound? play music was broken don’t know if solved. Try with play sound and use a small mp3 file

Im using play sound. The script is just

Always play sound sample.ogg

and you loop it? maybe you don’t and it is too short

I looped it and I can hear sounds on the pc but not on my phone

is odd, can you share the apk to test in other phone?

It seems I am not the only with the problem

download link:

I just realized that you know about the link that I gave you because you were active there and it didnt make sense for me to send the link to you

After months I decided to test it on my other phone (honestly I was just too lazy to do it). It actually worked!. And I think I know why.

I think it is a limitation of Gdevelop. I first tested it on an android tablet with android kitkat on it. It didnt have any sounds. Then I decided to try it on my other phone that had android Lolipop on it and it had sounds.