Audio page needs an update

I’m not sure when it was added or if it was always there, but there are actions to “play the offset of music/sound on a channel” and no information about that on the wiki page.

The description inside GDevelop doesn’t explain it either.

It just says: This action modifies the playing offset of the music/sound on the specified channel.

I understand the channel part, just not what “playing offset” does or is supposed to do.

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The function used by the engine said

Get/set the position of playback for a sound.

Then usefull for go to timecode like for video ?
With video i’ve created somthing called setCurrentTime, it’s same idea.

You think we need rewrite the description ?
Have you a new sentence ?

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Ah, okay, I see now.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

:thinking: Maybe something like “Play music from time stamp.”

Other terms could be timeline or time value…

Most of the music editors I’ve worked with use timeline, but they also have time markers to create envelopes for effects and other controls at the cursor position - related, but they have different purposes.

But in the event editor, it just asks for a channel identifier, modification sign, and “value”. It’s not quite clear what the syntax or format should be, if any (i.e., hh:mm:ss for time) other than “number” or “valid expression call”.