Autistic Game Dev/Gamer

Kia Ora all from the country of New Zealand.

My name is Josh. I’m 22 years old and formally diagnosed with Autism as well as other disorders/mental disorder.

I have had a passion for gaming since I was a young lad and it’s been the only passion that has stuck with me throughout time.

I started thinking about game development around the age of 15-16 and I’ve been off and on with it for years. I am intending to do a course next year in game development but at a certificate level and then moving on to a Bachelor level.

I look forward to engaging with the GDevelop Community.

Have a great weekend everyone! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the board and community. I hope GDevelop helps make it easier for you to make the kinds of games you want to.

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Hello, welcome, we can’t wait to se your ideas, jump in, download GD and start creating some art, it’s aperfect start.

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New Zealand…wow.
Welcome in our community.
I suggest you to start from the learning GD area.