Auto-save issue

I save my project before closing it and periodically while I’m working, but GD still asks if I want to open the “newer” auto-saved version next time …even though there were no changes made between manually saving and closing GD. :thinking:

Only started happening after v82.

try this
when the pop up shows asking if to load the auto save
cancel it.
it worked for me.

I did, but then lots of work was undone :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you for the suggestion though.

seme here. I didn’t notice it myself, but I check it when I read this post and yes. I need to load the newer version save, but I save (with CTRL + S) just before exiting. and if I choose my own save (so clilck “cancel” when it ask), I got a much older version. may be CTRL + S isn’t save at all? luckily autosave work fine, do its job.

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When CTRL+S is pressed if the autosave option is enabled then the version before CTRL+S is the autosave file, and after CTRL+S is the current file.

If you still see GD telling you that you did not record when you leave GD it is a known problem, if you have save your file everything is perfec, ignore the message.

For opening if a backup file exists and the backup has a more recent date then the user is asked to use the backup.

If you wish no more see this message delete the autosave file.

I’ll disable it then. Thanks Bouh!

Personally, I fixed it by using save as instead of save

Is this a typo or…?

Thank you for clarifying. I’ll try that and see if it works.