Autosave file issues

First of all, this is slightly more of a rant, than a bug report.
I had spent over seven hours, SEVEN HOURS on my project, only for the software to crash.
Now, that wouldn’t have been an issue because of GDevelop’s autosave feature. Sadly, the autosave feature was over two weeks ago. And I ended up losing the original file and 7 hours of work in all down the drain.
I checked around for a way to make the autosave feature more frequent, there was none. Why?
That is an issue that seriously needs to be addressed.
I’d been through this situation over and over. But this one, is the worst one so far.

For context: Autosave only occurs upon previewing, and only if you’ve manually saved the project at least once. This is by design to avoid corruption of the json files (many AV hate things that deal with unsigned code, which could also cause corruption).

In general, you should never go an hour without doing a manual save, much less 7 hours. This is true for anything, not just GDevelop.

I’d also recommend checking out setting up a personal github account and installing Github desktop, that way you can sync your changes and revert back to previous versions if needed. How to backup and maintain your project using GitHub and GitHub Desktop [GDevelop wiki]

Edit: Also, to be clear, I’m sorry you lost so much progress. That always sucks. :frowning:

Note this is now done automatically in the desktop version 5.0.132

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