Avatar Upload

I am relatively new to this forum, and as with most forums, I prefer to use an avatar.

I have tried to upload both png or gif images (either is below the physical and memory size limits). I have tried uploading from my Dropbox and Google Drive folders and in ALL attempts it says that its ‘invalid’.

Can someone please provide step-by-step instructions to properly add an avatar?



I think the avatar has to be an image on a webpage, so you hotlink to it, rather than uploading a file. Don’t know why it’s done like that, but I suppose it saves some disc space.

Upload your image to Google Photos, make it public and get the link.
If it doesn’t work for some reason, try this host:
This is where my avatar image is stored, no registration required and it seems to be reliable, my avatar is online for 4+ years now. Just upload your image and get the link.

An other free image hosting page seems to be this one too:
Same, no registration, just upload and get the link but I don’t know how long this one host the image used only few times recently.

I used postimages.org, uploaded the image, and successfully updated my avatar.

Many thanks for your assist. Much appreciated.