Baby Idol released on android!

Hi there!

I’m here because i published my first game made with gdevelop! And i’m very happy!

Here the link of Baby idol girl:

Here the link of Baby idol boy:

Both games are really cute! I hope you enjoy and have fun! And please tell me
if something is not working as it should! Thanks a lot!


Not my kind of games, but it looks really well done. :clap:
Good job on the video too, what did you use to make it? I’ll need to make one for my game, at some point.

oh thanks! i used Photoshop, Camtasia and vegas if you want i can help you with your video! :grin:


installed sure my kids will love it
I would appreciate some help with video :slight_smile:
Really amazing graphics, in my opinion too many intersticials are a bit annoying
Hiw did you do adding things? using layers? or con ected objects?

For this i used layers.

To many intersticial? I think i just used this on the play of the game and when you reset the character no more :thinking:

yes when you reset the character, I did a lot :joy:
One question @Sinha, when do you load banner and intersticials?? I’m having problems with that it seems that sometimes are showed as a grey image and can’t close

@xisco I did with the tutorial on Gdevelop wiki, its working perfectly. Maybe you have some problem with admob

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Looks really well done! I’ve added it to the showcase :slight_smile:

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Thank you! that’s really cool! hehe <3