Background Scene extension


I made a hacky extension: The background scene extension.

What does it do?

It loads a scene (by name) in the ram in the background, and let you pause the currentr scene and switch to that background scene at any time, and repause it to go back at any time.


Potential performance gain. When you need to switch multiple times fast from one scene to another by pausing and goinfg in the other scene, before returning to the previous scene, the scene that is not paused is recreated (reinitialized) each time, which can be a heavy operation. With this hacky extension both can stay loaded at all times and removes that problem.

It may also help people who had problems with pausing multiple scenes at once

Where do I get it?

As I said multiple times, it is a bit hacky so I won’t publish it on the extensions repository. You can download it here instead:

If my extensions help you or your game you can support me by buying me a coffee or just by saying thanks :slight_smile:

Say Thanks!


Hey arthuro!

Can you confirm this extension is still working with the recent patch? Because either im not using this right or its just not compatible anymore. As i understand it, this extension is basically a richer version of “stop and go back to previous scene” as it lets you return to any scene not just the previous one without loosing all the updates in objects positions and whatnot. A workaround would be saving all positions in a file and reloading them every time a scene starts but i suppose this is the performance issue you adressed.

I’d need to look into that one again, i was thinking of reworking it anyways to make it more interesting by allowing to make the scenes truly run in parallel and render the background instances into another window or a sprite.