Basic Genetic algorithm

yesterday i did a “genetic” algorith with asexual reproduction, like bacteria, it’s horrible and it does not work correctly, maybe if it have more neurons and weights it will work, but today i don’t have time to work on it. :sob:
anyway i want to share what i’ve done, because, even if it does not work, i’m still happy of what i’ve done :stuck_out_tongue:

there is the link for the project if someone wants to see it or improve it

the red one is the old best, and the population is 3000 for each generation.
it does not work even after 5 hours. but i’m sure it can improve

PS I SUCK and this is my third project, so i know i suck at this.

Since you’ve provided the source code, could you detail what doesn’t work? Someone may have a bit of time to look through your code and let you know what changes could be made.

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i’ve done another “simpler” version of this.
this work and i don’t know why :sob:

the only thing i see that is different is that neurons and weights of BOB object are single numerical variable and not organized in arrays, i’ll try to modify the original with this

anyways this is also a complete project file

PS: i used 50 for the population in a test, but anybody can easely put 2000, my AMD ryzen 2200U can handle it