Beat The Ball!

Hahaa! I am here again to release a small new game! :smiley: Simpliest games are the best!
Check it out:

Beat that ball and make it fly!
How to play:
You have 10 seconds to set the angle of the ball with your mouse and after that, 5 seconds to give that ball some damage smashing “A” & “D” buttons by turns! Higher damage = faster the ball shoot off!

It is “Work in progress” but It’s already playable, but I will add some stuff in it in the future that makes this game more than a “beat your friends best score” -game.

Your games are always very creative.
I love trying to break my own record. This is quite fun :smiley:
(And my fingers are now sore.)

Hehe thank you dude! :smiley: I’m glad you liked the game!
That is pretty good score you made! Hahaha you should saw me when I tried to break my own record 16193.3! :smiley: I don’t know which one is more sore, my fingers or my computer :smiley:
It’s fun to try break own records, but I still wanted that gamejolt scoreboard would work properly and could see what scores people have made! But now it only record first score you make per one play. So if you want record every score you make, you have to close and open the game between making the new score… I don’t know what I’m doing differently than with Jumpy The Spider but it’s not working how it should :frowning:

New update! Now you can play Beat The Ball! Face to face with your friend in “hot seat” 1 vs 1 local multiplayer mode!
Go and play:

Is now on google play! Try it, share it and rate it!