Beepbox. The best and easiest music maker for games

Thousands of songs made on beepbox. see the power of the beepbox.


Hi! Thanks for sharing that! I love that topic to a better fitting category :wink:

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I am not happy with you @Santiago_Santos!!! I spent 4+ hours on this last night when I should have been making my game!


The program makes you a composer overnight, kkk.

Some beepbox clones.




With all the work you do on facebook you deserve the award for best user of Gdevelop.


Definitely going to check this out.

My musical skills are abysmal, but nothing will stop me from trying to make by myself as many different things as I can for my game.

way too much fun!
i thought i was not that musical, but the stuff i made with this was actually pretty nice.
good tool to make some nice retro sounds for games.

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