Beginners' Guide to Skyboxes in GDevelop 3D [Built-In 3D not Pandako's Extension]

This is super basic tutorial on how to add Skyboxes to any GDevelop game built with GDevelop’s built in 3D*, it should work with Pandako’s extension if done differently but i don’t know why you’d need to do that as Pandako’s ThreeJS extension already has built-in skybox support.*


Wow, this is actually so much simpler than using Pandako’s extension lol. I actually really like the idea of making the skybox a 3D object instead like in most games, it makes it a lot easier to manipulate.
Thanks for the simple tutorial.

On an unrelated note, I wonder if the built-in 3D has a “reder priority”, kind of like the 2d objects’ Z-Order in deciding what to render first (bottom) or on top.

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thx :fire:
you’re welcome :sweat_smile:

yea i’m kinda wondering, if it doesn’t have render priority then would they add it some time soon :thinking: