Best place to ask for a game template?

Hi, as I guess all of you. You’ve all had an idea for a game and are slowly working through this. Now I’ve never used anything like this and while people have said that it’s very easy to use until something clicks with me I find it so hard to comprehend what’s going on. I would like to know if there is anywhere else that has GDevelop templates that you can download for free or purchase that could maybe help me understand the concepts at work here. What I’m looking for is a top-down squad mouse-based shooter similar to Cannon Fodder but also want to add special stages with ship-to-ship combat on an open sea.

Thanks all

top down movement extension and shooting extension towards mouse cursor. That’s the cannon fodder part. If you know enough about gdev to use a template I am sure you can write it yourself.

As for the ship part, you need to describe its mechanics.

Thanks for the reply I’ve had a look through and I can set the movement with the keyboard but cand find where the option is to make it move and shoot with the mouse and curser on screen?

I believe the shooting extension is called Fire Bullets. Use events to set the angle of fire ( angle between player and crosshair )

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If you can’t find game template
Then you should switch into getting one part to work and then moving to another

Your 1st goal should be adding option for player to shoot
After you get that working properly
You look for how to add 2nd player object (not player 2 but object controlerd by player)
Which would act as squad member and follow 1st object
After you get that right then you could by yourself add more player objects
And now you would move to making squad formation
And so go on

Trust me it is way better to simply complete one task at a time rather than trying to build whole game