Beta testers needed for casual zombie game

I’ve published my game to Google Play, and it’s ready for official beta testing. I need 20 testers, and I have only five so far. If you like to help out, please send a request to or message me here with your email address, and I’ll get you set up.

If you want to try the game first, you can play the full version here.

I appreciate all the help I can get.

I still need 14 more beta testers before I can make my game live on Google Play. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Nicronon, if it was an option to message you here on GD then people might be more likely to give it a go.

Thanks, I just noted the option in the op.

Hi again. sorry, yeah, I didn’t realise an email address was a requirement anyway. So far, the 20 testers only applies to new accounts. I just can’t believe how hard they’re making it for devs and unfortunately for you, I don’t want to support their system.

It’s developers who suffer when people refuse to beta test, not Google.

I still need 13 more beta testers. If interested, please message me here or email with your email address, and I’ll get you set up. Thanks.