Beta Testers Wanted: Autorunning puzzle platformer

If you are:

  1. Really into autorunning platformers
  2. Like puzzling challenges
  3. Have a bunch of time to play a beta game

I could use maybe 5 to 10 beta testers.
I’ve got the systems done, but the art and sounds are still a little janky.
I’ve designed about 70 levels with three ways to play each one, and for the beta I’ve integrated a feedback form into each mode of each level, so that it collects your feedback and comments.
This is what I really need, is level design feedback.
The first 30 levels teach you the systems, and the other levels are more complicated :wink:

I’ll need your email to give you the access details. Thanks in advance if anyone meets the criteria above and is interested.

hi…is this still on?

Yeah, that’d be great I’ll send you a private message.