Biggest Game made with Gdevelop?

I’m curious as to what exactly Gdevelop is capable of doing.

up ! i’m also interested into advanced tech demo, i’m just starting to study GDevelop and i need to know what the engine can do !

These are the only known games using GDevelop:

And you can find some more project posted here:

In my opinion the best example of the capabilities of GD is the Wolfenstein style 3D engine example included with GD as this is a very basic first person 3D engine made in GD!. Of course it not make GD practical to make a 3D game, or better choice to make a 2D, but imo it a nice demonstration of it capabilities. it impressed me GD can do something like this, and don’t mention YoYo Game Maker as “Game Maker” has 3D engine implemented GD has no. Try to make such 3D first person scene in a 2D game maker using only few line of code, in GD 12 line of events have been used.

But I don’t think that any game or example could demonstrate it real capabilities as GD never been used commercially, only small projects here and there which can demonstrate some capabilities but can’t produce a good whole picture.
Instead you should looking through it features and compare them with your needs or just start using it.
GD has:
-2D engine
-3D boxes to make 2.5D and isometric games (native games only)
-networking to make multiplayer game (native games only)
-2D physics
-can read/write external txt and xml files (native games only, HTML5 can use json)
-can draw primitives (native games only)
-has particle system (native games only)

  • dynamic lights (native games only)
    -can use sprite animation
    -can use tiled sprites
    -external events to easily share events between different scenes or to execute complex events multiple places
    -external layouts to be able to load different scenes without changing the actual scene
    -custom points to set specific points on your objects for example position of weapon
    -object linking to be able to link objects to each other and to be able to identify them easily
    -string variable to store text
    -value variable to store integer and decimal values
    -object variable to store values and text individually for each object
    -scene variable to store values and text for the current scene
    -global variable to store values and text globally for your game
    -structure variables to store multiple values inside a variable.
    -“for each object” loop to repeat an action individually for each and every copy of specified object
    -“repeat” loop to repeat an action specified number of times
    -“while” loop to repeat an action until specified condition is met
    -expressions to to do just about anything you have no condition and action for it, for example to use a variable as object, convert a value to string, get any values available for your game such as position, height, width, animation,angle,distance,layer…etc of specified objects and compare them, use them, change them and make advanced mathematical calculations and such.

And probably I did not mentioned lot of things here.
GD is a great tool it has all the features and capabilities you need to make any kind of 2D game at least from my experience I never found any problem that can’t be solved one way or an other.

Thanks for this features list !

I’m astonished, i would have imagined that some people at least tried some commercial release on indiebundle or steam greenlight !

btw the native mode have real good points !

Hi I’ve made some games in GDevelop:

Game to be released next week: … hTiyR4gEWQ

Various projects you can play:

Typing practice:

Implementation of a real life card game: … eta/27376/

Classic arcade style game:

I also have a few more (larger) games coming out in the first half of next year, including one commercial project made with GD.

Thank you ddabrahim for that summary.

I just downloaded Gdevelop a few days ago. I haven’t had time to play with it, so I have just been using work breaks to read on the internet, and think about a game/software I want to make.

You mentioned:

Does it mean that HTML 5 games can’t use isometric game tiles?

Depends on what you mean by “isometric game tile”. 3D boxes are useful to make buildings, walls and fences in an isometric or 2.5D game. For example, this is the way GTA1 is made. The roads, cars, people are 2D images, the buildings, fences are 3D boxes with textures on the side. In HTML5 you can’t use such 3D boxes but 2D images.

But don’t worry about my list, GD have been updated since…

You should make a detailed list of the features on the main page imo.

I think GDevelop would need a fresh new main page in fact :slight_smile: