Binary only package

Hello everyone, new to the forums and wanting to tryout GDevelop.

The thing is, I use a distro which isn’t based in arch or ubuntu and when I want to use an APP that is outside the REPOs I usually use a binary version of the software.

I know I can compile it myself but, I think that for a lot of people having a tarball with the binary and all dependencies would allow more users to use GDevelop. It seems to me that it wouldn’t be that much more trouble…


The problem is that GDevelop depends on multiple libraries that all have different versions on each distro. So, it’s not possible to provide a universal package working on all distro. Which distro do you use ?

I use Linux Mint Debian Edition 2.

I though the idea of a binary package would be to have an app that wasn’t dependent on the OS libraries…

I’m sorry if this sounds ignorant (but I’m still quite noobish) but, can’t someone take the app and its libraries from Ubuntu, package into one folder, and have it run from that folder on any “recent” linux distro?

Thanks for the reply.

This is not a problem to put the libraries used by GDevelop in a package. But, these libraries depend on other libraries that depend on other libraries that depend on the system libraries (may have different version depending on the distro).

Ok, I didn’t know it needed so many libraries.

Since a portable executable is available for windows, I though the same might be possible for Linux.

Thank you for your time.

I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find the list of all dependencies of GDevelop…
I know about this page … x_lib.html, but that is just for building right?

I compiled GDEVELOP in LMDE2 (on a virtual Box) and then tried to execute in a LMDE2 with no dev libraries. Works like a charm. So the solution… is compile it yourself =)