"Biomas do Brasil" memory game

I developed a memory game to help my students learn about brazilian biomes.

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Nice effort, but what about an english version? Maybe more students can learn about brazilian biomes. :grinning:

Thanks for the feedback.
We are currently returning to classroom classes in my city and my development time has been reduced, but as soon as possible I will try to create a translated version into English.
A challenge for this is that some of the geographical concepts covered in the game require more than a mere literal translation, which will demand a good job of research. And yet the book I used as the basis for the game doesn’t have an English version…

well, you can try to do your best with your imagination and the efforts of your students.

BTW, far away, about 35 years ago, as a school project, i made a study about Brazil. No wikipedia, no internet, only old books and an encyclopedia. but it worked.

so, dear mate, now you’ve internet… no excuse to make an english version!!!