Black screen bug

i updated my gdevelop and i tested my game and woosh, black screen

Same thing for me.
…I hope this is not related to yesterday’s video card update? (GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER) other games without black screen.

how to downgrade app?

Hi CandyCadet, you can find the old versions here. You may have to turn off automatic updates.


this happened to me a few months ago, i updated my graphics drivers and it worked (rtx 2060)

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Updating the latest drivers did not help (10/17/2023), I had to roll back to version 5.2.175

Hi @CandyCadet,

This crash has been identified and fixed.
Please wait for the next release. You can come back to a previous version of GDevelop in the meantime.
It will be available soon though.