Black screen when trying to share it on web

Can someone please help? I have this problem and nobody seems to know how to fix. When i publish my game on the web its only a black screen. No matter what, even if i put it on (With 7-zip too) it wont work either, because some files cant be loaded, some files are forever loading at the end, and some files do. rarely. Someone help? I am on the latest version too. Tried on firefox, chrome, edge, and opera and didn’t work. I am desperate for help…

What is the error code?
Open your game in a browser tab and press Ctrl+Shift+i to open the developers console :slight_smile:

This may seem like an odd question, but what do you have at the top of your scene list in your project?

I had to make sure that my “home” scene was at the very top of the list in order for it to work right after exporting.

The only time I had a black screen was when trying to open the game with Chrome or Internet Explorer - they seem to be fixed now though.