Blazing Inferno of Space (BIoS)

Here’s a game I’ve been working on, it has around 15 levels, but after that it just starts making things really hard for you.
You can click on the circles to the left to buy guns and after that click them again to upgrade them, you can upgrade them twice.
Also the game did have sound, but after I compiled it the sound went away :frowning:.
The game also gives an error when you close it on my computer.
The zip also comes with font files and license texts to be sure I complied with the fonts licenses.
Here are some screenshots, they were taken before the games completion.

Download link:

Nice game, it is quite addictive, even if I found it a bit slow at the start. :smiley:
Graphics are really good :slight_smile:

I could heard the background music as well as the sounds effects on my computer without problems it seems.
However, I have a strange problem: The game is running at full speed when I do not move the mouse, but it lags as soon as I move the cursor.

My score : 27054 :slight_smile:

Yeah, that game is a re-make of something I did on Game Maker a while ago, I believe it was slow at start then too, I probably should’ve fixed that XD.
That seems a bit odd, on my computer there’s no lag, but when I close it it gives an error that says “The instruction at “0x100453cc” referenced memory at “0x00b1b610”. The memory could not be “read”.”
There must be something odd going on, my computer’s nothing special, no graphics card (graphics are GMA 950 integrated), 2.8 GHz 2 Core, approx 1 Gb RAM.

I remember that the graphic library used by Game Develop ( SFML ) can trigger this error on some graphics card ( especially integrated chipset and ATI graphics cards ) when the application is closed. But in any case it does not have any bad consequence.

If you agree, I will add the game to this page: as it is good looking and well realized :slight_smile:

Absolutely, it would be a honor to have my game featured, thanks!

By the way, there is no slow down, it was related to my computer. :smiley:

I confirm. I hear the BGM/SE too.

Nice game, well polished. Gone to level 12. But the big fat flu-like viruses are tough as hell. :stuck_out_tongue:

The upgrading system could benefit from some little tweaks …

  • Make the buttons more responsive (glowing when active, color change when hover)
  • Pause will only pause game, upgrading the weapon will be real-time
  • You can un-upgrade weapons and get a (partial? ) refund
  • Give the player a timed “dead time” between each level, for him to breathe a little and upgrade weapons. Think of “Orcs must die” nightmare mode kind of mecanism.
  • make the upgrade more visually intuitive (put a number on the weapon for its current level, describe the 4 kind of weapons before selecting one)

Overall, it’s a nice game. The first I play I could categorize as “full fledged”.
A little repetive though. :3

Thank you!

Yeah I agree it is a little repetitive, probably not much replay value.

Thanks for all the suggestions, you can actually upgrade a weapon when paused though.

I’ve updated this page with the game:
And I’ve also used a screenshot of the game in the slideshow on the home page : :slight_smile:

( These changes are recent so clear your cache ( Ctrl-F5 on Firefox ) if you do not see them )

It seems that the download is broken: When downloaded from the link, the resulting file is corrupted.
Could you upload it again? I can also host it on the website if you want. :slight_smile:

Sure, I sent it by your email.
Yeah, I think it would be a good idea to host it from your website ( it’s a big file though) :smiley:.

Thanks a lot, I’ve updated the link on the website and in your message :smiley:

This game is pretty cool, but actually it only start in fullscreen, wich is a bit sad for graphics elements !