Blazing Inferno of Space download file

I was trying to download this game from the compilgames website, but it looks like the file is corrupted or something?

Here is the thread about the game : viewtopic.php?f=29&t=3782
I’ve posted a message about this problem.

I started making one, but I wondered what might be the best method for representing board state? If I was doing it in C++, I would use 2d arrays… Would you suggest using parent/child stuff, or using 64 separate integer instances, or something else?

If it was me, I would create a box with two animations : a black square and a white square.
Then I would define some object variables in it (like what chess piece is on it, its x & y coordinates within the checkboard).

Finally, when i launch the scene, I would create as many of this object as necessary, through a classic double loop.

Ingame, when a piece is moved, I would update the variables of the two squares involved. I could then save each square information in a xml file for a continue option.