Blob | RPG PLATFORMER | Mega Project

Any Gameplay suggestions and Some Bugs will be Much Appreciated


Dude, awesome! I had a similar idea, such a cool concept.

EDIT: Nice, I made it to the end ha with just 2 HP to spare. Those darn blue blobs! I eventually just started dodging them near the end there ha. Awesome concept and fun execution so far!

Are the assets available somewhere all together? Or were they from varied sources? I really liked the Mario 2 - esque doors into/out of the cave area.

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A Guy Collected it In Some way while all assets are collectively from
-Mr Gimmick!
-Tiny Toon Adventures
-Sonic 3D Blast 5 [ripped by Mister Man]
-Super Mario Bros. 3
-The World of Magic [Online MMORPG]
-Chrono Trigger
-Mega Man X
-New Super Mario Bros DS

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