Block Wrecker - (WIP) - Dev Diary

Here I will share my experience with GDevelop. I have zero experience with game dev and I am learning GDev for a few weeks now.

Block Wrecker should be a fun block breaking platformer game. It is still in early stage, but I have some basic mechanics and blocks for now. For now we have:

  • Undestructible Terrain blocks
  • Destructible Brick blocks
  • Destructible Gem blocks that give gems, when destroyed
  • Ice blocks that give the character a slippery movement
  • Lava blocks that hurt/kill the player (they are also animated and glow a little :slight_smile: )
  • The destroyable blocks get cracks on every hit and after they are destroyed, the blocks create debris (with physical properties)

The Player can:

  • Destroy blocks with front hit
  • Destroy blocks with stomping on top of them
  • Destroy blocks above him with a powerful beam

Next I want to create the key gameplay - the Player would have to find the key (or keys) for him to complete the level. Also may be the first enemy in the game. Plus refining some movements and animations. I would like to make a few more type of blocks - stone, iron, water.

Used software: Blender, Photoshop, Mixamo

Every idea is welcome :slight_smile:


Very nice. Lovie it. Just some random ideas. Use them or don’t. It’s your game not mine.

I kind of expected that single block to fall. Platforms float but maybe ground objects could drop. They could either smash on impact or break the normal way. Maybe single blocks could be draggable/pushable/carried over the players head and be used as stairs.

The blocks could contain powerups or conceal switches, doors or tunnels to a different scene.

What if you could destroy the walls holding back water or lava. They could flow/drain.

Can you tunnel under the water/lava?

Regarding the falling blocks. I thought about it. But if we have falling blocks, then the ones above should fall too - that’s the physical engine properties - but it is not working quite precise. If you are talking about falling block when it gets hit/destroyed, then it would fall over the player.
Draggeble blocks is something I would love to do, but for now my knowledge is limited. I would experiment with these mechanics soon.
Powerups in the blocks will be implemented very soon.

As for the lava and water, I don’t think the engine is capable of these kind of effects/physics and I can’t figure a way to simulate it for now.

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We’re all still learning. I have a lot to learn.

I wasn’t imagining realistic water. I just pictured the water either disappearing through animation or deleting, moving or resizing the blocks. Nothing fancy.

I don’t know. I’m just wondering. The more ideas the better. If they don’t work they might lead to something else that will.

I find the look of it very pleasing and it looks fun too.

A little update:

  • Added a movable crate. It is physical object and can fall of the terrain. While moving, there is a particle system for a dirt/dragging effect under the crate. The player animation also changes (although his hands come little short in this case…)
  • Added a “water mechanics” - when player destroys a block bellow the water, the water sprite “leaks”. That’s the best that I could do for now without real fluid and water simulations. I thinks it’s not that bad and creates a nice effect.


Changes to the water. Now it is animated. Added animated waterfall too. May be needs a little more tweaking.


Just thinking aloud - you could probably simulate water with small physics objects/balls and the marching squares extension.

New update: Added a bomb

  • Press a key to place a bomb.
  • The bomb has a timer
  • Explosion animation
  • Destroys the blocks in radius of the explosion
  • Blocks, that are destroyed by the explosion have a residual sprite effect, like they were burned. (will refine it more in future)
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Visual rework. I hope now everything looks a little bit better :slight_smile:


Minor updates and some new sprites. First enemy, spiked blocks, floating energy capsule (replacing the key element in the game). Changed character model (still working on replacing all animations). Added some sound effects (will demonstrate soon). Still a lot of bugs that need some refinement.


Looking good.
Does the grass move? Can’t see it clearly, how about making the grass move/sway when the player is in it and moving.

Not for now. But I have something in mind for the grass and will experiment a little soon.

Another update.

  • another enemy that shoots projectiles
  • floating platform (up and down)
  • lava drops and splash from a different lava block, that would hurt the character if it touches it.

For now no damage for the character, but will implement it soon. Many things are just me testing what is what, so I will refine the sprites and the animations a little more once I decide what will stay and will be changed.

Hoping for some demo for you to test it really soon too.

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