BlockPoper - a fun puzzle game

Help a tiny creature to make his way through a maze made with blocks. player will help it with removing proper colors and make a way for him.
I think gdevelop is a nice game development tool for my kind of ideas.
i uploaded it on it’s on early stage. there is still no sound and not much animations. and currently it has only 4 levels. in future i will make more levels with more complexity.
please help me to improve it by ideas for developing.
any question and comment will be appreciated.

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A new update on . added jump zones, teleports and more levels.
please check it and comment about your opinions.

Nice and no bugs at all! :slight_smile:
Do you have in mind more complex levels?, or the idea isn’t to be hard?

@lizard-13 thank you.
it encourages me to work on it and make it better.
surely there will be more complex levels. but as i want to make many levels for it(maybe 80 or 100), there will be a mixture of easy and complex levels.

in this update i changed the colors of blocks to nicer ones based on a color scheme. also i added popping animation for block and i like it so much. and also added some basic sound effects for key, door and blocks.
i like it more than before now. :smiley:
I think it deserves a try.
hope you enjoy.

Yup, feels a lot better, maybe make the explosion smoke the same color than the block, or gray?

Good idea. But as all blocks are different animations of a single object, idon’t know how to do that.

You can put multiple animations for each explosion too, in the same color order than the blocks:

Animation 0        Green
Animation 1        Blue
Animation 2        Red
Animation 0        Green
Animation 1        Blue
Animation 2        Red

Then, when you create the explosion, set its animation = the block animation:

Conditions: Left mouse button pressed Cursor is over Block Actions: Create object Explosion at Block.X() ; Block.Y() Do = Block.Animation() to the animation of Explosion Delete object Block

Hope it’s clear :slight_smile:

Hmm. I’ll try it. Thanks.

I fixed it.
now every block popping is same color as block itself.
thank to lizard-13 to suggest solution quickly.