Blurring font/ type in GD 5 menu under Win10

Hi colleagues,

I have experienced the following problem (GD 5, Win 10):
All fonts of the GD interface (register cards, editors, piskel etc.) get blurring as soon as I start to work.
Right after startup everything is fine, but as soon as I open an editor or Piskel fonts become unclear and unreadable. The effect lasts until I move the mouse pointer over the blurred font. It then gets clear again - while other fonts become blurred at the same time.
Really annoying. Any thoughts about that?

Best Regards


This issue is with your windows 10 configuration, not related to GD.

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Hi Bouh,
thanks for your fast reply. However, none of the mentioned workarounds worked. Fonts are still blurry, when not in use…

Can you confirm the size of your monitor and your resolution?
The problem doesn’t occur in any other app?
Has it always been like that?

Hi Gruk,

Monitor: 1280x1024 (yes, love 4:3)
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (latest driver installed)
OS: Win 10 (latest update)

GD5 (latest release) is the only program that shows this behaviour.
GD4 is fine, no blurring issues at all…

GD4 and GD5 are very different software I was told, you should rather compare GD5 and Chrome.
How does the online editor look?

Funny enough, the online editor works without any issues.