Bomberman prototype with commented sources

I made a Bomberman prototype to check out GDevelop and as I didn’t find any other clone on the forum, I share it in case it could be useful to someone.

The source with comments can be get from here:
However, I’m not used to GDevelop so I may have done some weird things. Please, let me know if you see something to improve.

Some part of the code may be interesting:

  • the assistance to allow the player to turn without being pixel-perfectly align
  • the explosion chain reaction
  • the context handling (I’m not sure about the term; I mean, for instance, to use a variable or a dedicated object to break the context and be able to apply actions to other instances)

I think the player control assistance can be use in other projects because it works with any obstacle as long as they are rectangular. But, I’m under the impression that it can’t be made into a behavior (I hope I’m wrong).

The source was in French because I thought to use it to show GDevelop to children (but I’ll use a breakout clone). I made a script to maintain it in English.

The game is temporarily host if someone want to take a look:

Player 1 : croix directionnelles et RCtrl
Player 2 : ZQSD et LCtrl (Ctrl + S may not be the best idea)
Player 3 : IJKL et H
Player 4 : 8456 et 0
(sorry, it’s mapped for AZERTY)
Gamepads should work, but may be not with the web version.

The same topic in french:


The last version can be get here: